Thursday, August 19, 2010

Economic Value Added: The Practitioner’s Guide to a Measurement and Management Framework: Craig Savarese

The shareholder value creation philosophy is a central element in many companies’ financial management practices. A widely adopted approach to measuring financial performance and managing for value creation is economic profit (economic value added). A deceptively simple concept, companies often are not prepared for the challenges and issues they need to consider when measuring economic profit, nor for how to incorporate it into financial management practices. This book addresses these challenges by: developing a framework for linking economic profit to shareholder value; explaining the issues relevant to developing a company-specific economic profit measure; and demonstrating how to incorporate economic profit into financial management practices. The book is about practical application - designed as a user’s guide - so that you can apply shareholder value principles and understand the implications for your business. It shows how economic profit links to shareholder value, and dispels commonly cited myths about adopting a shareholder value framework to drive a company’s financial management practices. It is aimed at financial managers and accounting professionals, managers, consultants and equity analysts who want to understand the application of shareholder value.

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