Thursday, August 19, 2010

Interbrand's Method for Valuating the Best Global Brands

Interbrand's Method for Valuating the Best Global Brands
Criteria for consideration

Using our database of global brands, populated with critical information over the past 20 years of valuing brands and more than 30 years of consulting with organizations, Interbrand formed an initial consideration set. All brands were then subject to the following criteria that narrowed candidates significantly:

01 There must be substantial publicly available financial data
02 The brand must have at least one-third of revenues outside of its country-of-origin
03 The brand must be a market-facing brand
04 The Economic Value Added (EVA) must be positive
05 The brand must not have a purely B2B single audience with no wider public profile and awareness

These criteria exclude brands such as Mars, which is privately held, or Walmart, which is not sufficiently global (it does business in some international markets but not under the Walmart brand).

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